Way in the matrix

the way in the matrix

The way in the matrix

        Like in the first part as I said it’s all connected, we all have that one common thing in us is the soul made of one particular thing called energy which we cannot create or change.

        In every culture & religion, we all have the same following that we all must live our lives in such a way that our soul should be fused to the sacred soul or try to get closer to it. It simply means we should keep our soul so clean and pure that it should be like sacred soul.

      The way the supreme power of the universe Mother Nature has made every creature on the earth has blessed them with something special. We are the most creative creature mother nature has ever created and we have forgotten the blessing what mother nature has given to us we are the only creature who can get on the right path of spirituality & to spread the kindness & the blessing mother nature has given is humanity.

In the matrix

        We are still not happy among all. It’s very strange that we use all the natural resource and even all human-made things still we need more & are unsatisfied; we should be thankful for what we have. First, we have to clean our thoughts and decide what we have to keep the same flow. As per science study meditation can make you look young like anti-aging. The important thing for meditation is our feeling. If we think about everything negatively we will start absorbing negative energy while meditating. I am not saying that its bad, but you will not get results as you want and will get diverted from meditation. Most people tell that you should not think about anything while meditating because you can get negative thoughts from any of your thoughts so try to keep your mind blank, it is difficult for beginners so you can think about your good time with pets or about your favorite cartoon as well. Feeling happy makes meditation easy like any other thing we do when we are happy.

        We should first understand our feelings and then try to feel the happiness of meditation, every feeling has its own frequency and our mind is just the virtual shadow of our brain which is made of frequency. So our bad mood will obviously disturb the mind’s tuning with your surrounding.

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