Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors

Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors
Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors

Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors

Connecting through your ancestors must not be somewhat you do just on Samhain since there is so much to be expanded by opening communiqué lines amongst you and your ancestors! Knowing how to do this does not derive naturally. There are operative and proven approaches that numerous witches have used to effectively build relations with their ancestors.

So you have set up a platform (or shrine) for your ancestors, in addition to you create a regular offering to them. Yet, you discover yourself marveling if you are truly connecting with Spirit or just going through the motions.


Your relationship with your ancestors is fair that – a relationship. And like any relationship, you requisite to be completely dedicated so as to make it work. You moreover need to make certain that you are accessible if you want them to connect with you. This means to spend time in prayer, meditation silence, or any action that lifts your spirit otherwise slows down the beat of your life so as to meaningful divinecommuniqué could take place.


Yes, the ancestors could guide and aid you in means beyond your mind. But not ever approach them by a list of demands. Your valued ones in Spirit work through you but not for you – it is a partnership. Be ready to give, not just receive. Recall, your ancestors are not “deceased”; they are alive in additional dimension as well as are still learning plus growing. The Egungun are completely aware of your opinions and spirits, thus be certain to send them optimistic energy plus love to support them on their divine trip too.


In spite of what some persons might have your trust, the ancestors have no limits when they want toward communicating with you. They can use anybody or anything toward providing a message: they could communicate with dreams, spirits, motivation, nature, literature plus music. And they are not caught in the past. They are completely conscious of contemporary technology plus can influence lights, TV sets and even cell phones toward getting your attention. Be open plus alert. They distinguish you well plus will usage the finest method to get over to you.


Don’t expect a lightning bolt from the sky. Mails from Spirit are frequently delicate, soft. So delicate that you may miss them. Pay attention toward your spirits because ancestors frequently communicate over feelings – not words. Silence for a moment. How do you sense right now? Wherever is it that sense coming from? Is it approaching from you otherwise from Spirit? What moved you to read this article? Was it your notion or did your ancestors stimulate you to read this? Spirit is all around you and directs you more than you understand. Trust whatever you feel enthused to do.


Don’t waste Soul’s time. One of my tutors said this toward me one day. It takes lots of energy for your ancestors to connect with you. And you are wasting their time if you never listen otherwise do anything toward moving your lifespan forward. Are you living in terror or trust? Are you taking steps to authorize yourself? Are you authorizing others? Are you leaving a heritage that others may aspire to follow? Take as a minimum one step for each day to move your lifespan forward. Your ancestors are alive plus well. Make them honored by living your life to the fullest.

Dedicate an Altar to Your Ancestors

If you can give an altar precisely for your dragon protector, you must be capable to do so for your ancestors. While you try toward a win over the care of somebody, you offer them somewhat. This is very conversant since I am certain you did this otherwise are still doing it for your dragon protector.

Adorning an ancestor altar would create a space for them into your home. It is a physical appearance of your gratefulness. Your ancestor altar could hold images of your blood ancestor as well as books written by your spiritual ancestors and obviously, a pentacle plus triple spiral pendant otherwise amulet. You could light a white candle on this altar when you talk to them, request for their advice, otherwise just offer them thanks. Place drinks as well as food on your altar as a gift to them.

Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors
Tips to Connect Through Your Ancestors
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