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The First Sunrise
The First Sunrise

     A very wonderful start of the day, sparkly warmth with that cool breeze, the sound of birds that make the morning very pleasant. As the sunrise is important in our life the first sunrise is also important in our life. What I mean to say is we all have read about meditation and some of us even do it regularly and you guys are doing great by making meditation a part of your life. and everyone has his own experience. the very know formation we are used to reading and always hear about it, so most of us start to imagine that when meditating.

      Meditation is the easy & best way to get on the spiritual track. There is no any restriction or any conditions & age limit for meditation. You can start it right now. Getting spiritual is something that we always need to be. there is a misconception about it. We need to meditate to face all the stress, workload, anxiety, competition, surroundings in today’s life. Meditation helps us to focus on our thoughts and makes our memory strong and keeps us full of liveliness all our day.

      For meditation the best time is early morning near about 4:00 am till 6:00 am you can start meditating for just 4 minutes daily and once you start doing it regularly you get to increase the time as you start feeling comfortable day by day. Meditation has no conditions still we all need to set some criteria so we can follow it as rules and get the best result, fix the time and the place when & where you meditate; so you can get relax early every day and start your journey again where you left before.

The First Sunrise

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