Seeds of Faith


what are Seeds of Faith

     “Faith” a small word but so powerful, if we know the depth of it. We all know what faith is but can’t explain it in words. It’s like the candle unless we are in dark we won’t light it. Faith is not like an emergency torch to use when we need. It’s like the Sun it never sets it’s the Earth who rotates but the Sun keeps in burning all the time. Faith has to be that strong for anything you do. Faith has the power to change a simple person into a powerful person.

     While writing this I remember one of my days at home which I would like to share here. One evening I was sitting at home thinking of something which was some challenge in my day to day life and I was worried about the task and thinking about how to face it. My father asked me the reason of my tension and I shared it with him. Hence he asked me a simple question.

“How many times I have traveled in a night by a public transport?”

“Many times” —-I replied quickly.

Do you seat next to the driver with your luggage on your head and advise the driver how to drive? — Dad asked again.

“No” I answered with a glance at him.

What is your role while you travel? —One more from Dad.

What’s my roll?!!! I take a nap after seeing some running trees from the window I replied with a smile.

Why don’t you try to carry your luggage on your head and guide the driver all the way to your destination? —-Dad asked me seriously

I wondered why we are even discussing the traveling when I was worried about another concern. I replied with belligerence.

“Why do I need to carry the luggage on my head when we have a place to keep it and sit relax.a

“Don’t you worry about the driver & his driving? You should keep your eyes on him all the way. You don’t even know him and still, you trust him and keep all your luggage aside and sleep. When he is just a simple human just like us, and you don’t trust God and carry all your worries all the time and doubt God when he is the driver of the entire universe. Son, you should always keep the lamp of faith burning in all the situations, it will keep you confident and give the strength to face all the challenges in your everyday life.

These words were like a pound in a desert and made me feel like a warrior fully energized and hide the strength to fight any challenge. Then I realized the power of faith and how a single person can change the picture if he has faith in what he is doing.

Faith is the seed farmer saw in his farm. Faith is the prayer every heart prays to God. Faith is the only foundation of every religion and every relation. Keep sowing the seeds of faith.


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