Running in the meadow – Spirit Secret

Running in the meadow
Running in the meadow

    Don’t you think that we all love to enjoy natural beauty? If anybody asks you what is the most beautiful thing God has made? many of us will answer about Moon, rainbow, rain, waterfall, seashore, sunrise, sunset or moreover all the universe. It’s all beautiful no doubt but what we actually are missing that we forget to count ourselves the most beautiful creation of God is human.

No the question is do we really care for ourselves (not in terms of beauty care products or health-related) what we are talking about is inner beauty the beautiful soul the most important thing to care about, nowadays there are many people talking about meditation and the spiritual connection, what we need to focus on is to do all the needful things to live our life at its fullest and take out some time to keep our soul clean & try to get connected to the supreme power what we call God. We don’t need to be very orthodox to get connected.

The best & easiest way to be a spiritual focus is to know our own soul & take care of it.
Running in the meadow

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