Root of the Universe

The root of the Universe

Root of the Universe

     A time before we all exist, the time when all the energy was not in a formation, like what we live in today. The day the Earth was formed and the life was subsisted, the utmost power took the controls before that. Science says it as the big bang. What was the existence before that?, The only answer we get is the energy. Of which every single particle is made of (ref to quantum physics).

            As humans, we are the most developed creature living on the earth, and nature has its simple rule; “the strongest survive” as the mother nature has urbanized us as the strongest & most ingenious living being. We come to the most obvious thought that, “why are we here?” Let’s consider from the beginning, The very first thing we define as big bang theory. Again what was that made a big band?

Black hole

            Like I told above, the energy was spread all over in the space, only the energy and the substance that was carried by the energy (e.g. Asteroids, Comets & etc) Made of every possible element, some know & some unknown.

Root of the Universe

            Now here is the time when the ultimate power took control of all. A huge asteroid just hanging in the vacuum was rotated by the comet, which was forced by the substance; what it was made of. The primary input was given, just like the spinning piece of paper we get to see after a quick vehicle passes by. It stops due to the gravity we have and we take it as granted for now cause we are used to it.

        But, as the comet gave the ignition to the asteroid in vacuum, it started to accumulate all the energy around it and started growing, all the substance nearby where pulled to this single point and it started melting due to the heavy pressure of energy (what we call a black hole today) the only force was inward. This kept on going for a while and the time came all the elements were classified in the vortex (Mars full of iron, Earth full of soil & H2O, Jupiter Full of hydrogen & etc).

       The very first asteroid which lost its form and was replaced by the heavy substance (what the Sun is made of today), was due to make the most wonderful thing we call it as big bang, and the thing happened, and it was the term called as “BRAMHANAD” the sound which was like “OooooMmmmm” (ॐ) which is the very first sound of the universe, & the first key code of life & this is why om (ॐ) holds the power of life & is important for understanding.

         This is how the commander made the most wonderful thing, our very own galaxy, Even today things are in the same stance as all the planets made most of a meticulous substance or elements and rotating in an orbit to a single thing which is still burning from the beginning; “The Sun.”

            All this is not just an accident which took place of nowhere. The asteroid, the comet, the big bang, the orbit of Earth with the atmosphere developed from Pangaea to support life. All was done for a reason, even for you to live your life. It’s all connected with each other with the source of energy in different form.



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