Why Having a Good Imagination Will Make Your Life Better

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Having a Good Imagination Will Make Your Life Better

Why Having a Good Imagination Will Make Your Life Better

      Imagination is the facility to form new ideas in the brain. It is the means to use resourcefulness to solve unusual and difficult problems. “Albert Einstein,” said, “Imagination” is more important than knowledge.

     Even as we get older daydreams and our imagination doesn’t stop. Many a time we often conjure up an idea or invention that originated in thought through our imagination. When we look back in history at some of the marvels of their age the imagination of inventors put forth ideas that turned into experiments which then produced results. Thomas Edison and Tesla achieved worldwide acclaim when their marvels of that period enlightened the world. But, those inventions would not have been made possible if it wasn’t first formulated in the imagination of their conscious thoughts. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that all other great inventors’ throughout history the success they achieved first originated in their own imagination. In all the great works of art, music, and literature all were conceived through their own imagination.

     Today the technological marvels that are now available have also been a contributing factor in retarding childhood imagination and may well be attributed to more evil intentions of those willful perpetrators of calamity.

Having a Good Imagination
Why Having a Good Imagination

        Imagination, a nurturing of conscious thought based on positive or negative influences of one’s surroundings. The good that mankind does is produced by the positive influences that shape their lives. Then there is the evil that man does are often a result of the negative influences that have dominated their conscious thoughts. The imagination both possess often lead to wonders to behold or horrific disasters.

       Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Sometimes it is difficult to apply the knowledge of cold hard facts. Imagination permits us to explore different ways to make use of knowledge.

      The term imagination comes from the Latin verb imaginary meaning “to picture oneself.” You have to picture yourself successful in achieving it. You have to dream of it, learn what is required and set a goal to accomplish it.

       This is the way we have to do almost everything worthwhile. Those without an active imagination have great difficulties overcoming obstacles.

      This part of the brain should be developed by everyone. Imagination helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge; it helps people to make sense of the world, and it also plays a key role in the learning process. It helps to understand concepts by supplying the connection between facts.

     Imagination is a valuable asset that most people ignore except for expanding their negative thoughts beyond reality. When it is developed and used it can greatly enhance your life. People of all ages and walks of life can make their life more interesting and fruitful with this resource. Those with an active imagination will never get stuck in a rut.

    Inventions, works of art, great literature, and many other areas make use of imagination. This part of your mind is a means to expand your horizons and develop your talents.

       It helps to solve problems by visualizing the result of various solutions. It can be used to improve productivity by developing more efficient routines and building better tools for the job.

      We are always seeking better ways to build and do things. Improvements in all things are accomplished by an active imagination. The possibilities are limitless. We are devising things that our forefathers never dreamed of. The generations after us will create things that we never dreamed of. The vision to see unknown ways to improve things is made possible by imagination.

     Not only writers, creators, and designers make use of this part of the brain. It is invaluable to all forms of business and industry and to everyone in general. It can be used to improve routines that are ineffective by visualizing what would be and then trying it. You can easily deal effectively with boredom by bringing up something fun and exciting to do from your mind.

    To develop your powers of imagination, spend time thinking about how to improve areas of your life. Picture yourself in various positions. Decide what you want to accomplish and explore different ways to get there. Decide where you want to be in a few years and set a time limit. The picture in your mind what you will have to do to achieve it. Then see if it is practical.

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