How does God think about you?


How did God think about you?

      Times come in our life when we come across a situation that we fail to do something & that time feel very lonely & depressed and a thought runs through our mind “why it’s always me?” what God (Destiny) is planning to do with me?

          We think that God doesn’t even think about us. Really?.

        God has made this beautiful earth to live and made humans to have all earthly things for him. Trees to give us fruits & oxygen crops to give us food, water to quench our thirst. Have ever thought about what is our relationship between the soil which makes plants grow for us & why water makes us refresh without any relation to it. And why is this so obvious to us and who made is all work like things are now. It is the supreme power of Nature God.

God thinks about you

         It’s just all about the faith in God & our hard work. Because we have always taken things for granted & consider the things to happen in our favor if it does not we take it as a failure and blame God (Destiny) for not working as we wanted it to happen. what we are missing is the focus on the reality that what we are having & what we can do with it. It’s the time to recollect all the energy and start from the beginning rather than blaming.

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