Happiness of the soul

Happiness of the soul
The happiness of the soul

 Once a craftsman met a wise man in the village and was full of questions regarding his life.

Craftsman: How can I be happy for all my life?

Wise man: I will surely tell you the answer, first tell me what is the definition of happiness?

Craftsman:- Happiness is to be rich, live in a big home, and doing things what we want.” said with the greedy smile.

Wiseman smiled & replied with a very simple answer

      “In the whole world only we humans have this definition of happiness & what we want is not real it’s all human-made illusion the difference between happiness & the real happiness of the soul is very clear. The things we want, we call it happiness and think that way & we feel sad about it if we don’t get it.

       Happiness is a feeling and defines it as materialistic what we have to stop someday & try to accept that the real fulfillment of all emotions in every condition of life is true happiness.


      The be happy we have to feel the emotions and is the most wonderful gift God has given to a human. not every creature can smile, talk, dance, sing, and love and even cry, as we think that crying is sadness or end of happiness. think again & define the happiness again we have to be like God has made us and not like what we have made ourselves. being kind and loveable can make you really happy.

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