Destiny, Fate as well as Soul Agreements

Destiny, Fate as well as Soul Agreements

Before you come to this physical time plus space your soul made contact. Beforehand you came into humanoid form, your soul had a precise purpose otherwise destiny that it had decided to fulfill. This destiny was written plus is your Soul Agreement.

We all have Soul Agreements and fundamentally it is the list of educations that we are destined to acquire in this lifetime so as to advance our soul toward a higher level of awareness.

I have seen this Soul Agreement numerous times over meditation plus when doing instinctive readings and here is what I distinguish about it-

Your time, date plus place of birth are no mishap

The family you were born into was precisely chosen for you

Certain persons are destined to derive into your life to aid you to heal somewhat either from a past life or in this lifespan

Whatever occasion explain in your life are here so as to help you progress to a higher state of awareness

Death is also involved on your soul agreement, however not as a date- rather it is at an instant in your life- an instant when you understand whatsoever it is that you requisite to realize so as to move back into spirit form

You were sent toward this dimension of World at a precise time, to a precise place and by a specific purpose. One thing that is not prearranged, however, is your free spirit and choice.

Life is complete with choices. We all have freedom, we are all in charge (to a definite extent) and we all have a say in how we want our life to unfold when we get here.

These varieties are seen as our fate- we can select which path toward going down, we can select which road to evade and which road toward pursuing, however, one thing that we could not change is our destiny.

Our destiny is fundamentally to experience the Unconditional Adoration of the Universe plus often this takes numerous journeys, crossways many periods and magnitudes, in order to completely return to this energy.

All souls on Ground are here at diverse stages of their aware evolution, some are to the end and some have just started, however either method we are all ‘contracted’ to be here.

Fundamentally, your Soul Agreement is the deal you prepared with yourself so as to help you grow and progress to a higher state of mindfulness, however, you are not alone. You are moreover given some help alongside the way through your guides plus angels.

In order to accomplish your Soul Agreement, you are also allocated a set of soul guides, angels, and persons to help you. If you are open sufficient, you will continually receive signs, message, and clues as to whether you are following your maximum or destined path.

One of the finest physical signs that you are following your Soul Agreement or maximum path is when synchronicity happens or strange coincidence happens that lead you from one item to the next.

Another decent sign that you are following your maximum path is while you appear to meet the right persons at the correct time who can proffer you information, direction and help when you are in doubt otherwise wanting to learn.

There are several debates over whether otherwise not you could break your Soul Agreement. Some argue that the whole thing you do is a share of your contract, plus others trust that you could wander off your selected path. However, was breaking your agreement part of the deal?

Consider of your Soul Agreement as the mountain you were located on- the foothill you were destined toward climb. You can select how to get to the top, you can select which method you want toward climb; each of these selections bringing about a totally different experience, and however, the destination will continually be the same. Your mountain would continue to rise, shift and evolve as you do, however, your purpose here in humanoid form will continually remain.

It is not a race toward seeing how fast you could get to the top, it is not an essential challenge to try to climb somebody else’s foothill, the challenge is in being factual to yourself, and ascending your mountain with ease plus grace; excited by wherever the journey would take you.

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