what is Awakening


what is Awakening?

        As many people don’t know why & how to meditate so there are many simple theories or guidelines for the beginners first let us clear some misunderstanding about meditation. A very common confusion about meditation is that you need to close your eyes and you need to stop your thinking and control the mind to focus on meditation.

What is the mind?

   I think that mind is an inbox where we receive the ideas or thoughts. A mind is like a small kid always trying to play with what it finds. So if you stop the kid from playing, it will not learn new things.

          Science says that an average person thinks about 70,000 thoughts every day, so let the kid play; but you need to decide, with what the kid should play, so give some wonderful toy to play instead of letting him find something to play with.

The best known and effective process is to ask your mind to focus on our breath and start visualizing the air inhale and exhale. We have to just give any task to our mind to keep it busy. Visualizing our own breath is also a thinking process but it’s nonaligned.


    Why is it so important that you need to keep your mind focused?

     It is important to focus because when we meditate we start to attract the energy and energy has both the charges positive & negative like our dry cell battery even our thoughts are the same and a single negative thought can disturb the mind waves like a small stone does when it is thrown in pond water.

We need to keep the negative thoughts away when we meditate to get better results of meditation. Many people stop meditating because they don’t get results or we can say they don’t feel any changes in their life.

          It is due to the same reason that they start to absorb the negative energy and get negative results. If you can’t control the thoughts running in your mind you can just keep the mind positive to attract the positive energy. We can meditate while having food while walking or doing our daily stuff. We don’t have to be a monk to meditate.

Meditation is not a destination to reach it’s a journey, & it can start right now from where you are. It is as easy as we breathe we just have to feel the inner energy while doing anything we love to do. Meditation is like dancing on your much-loved tune in your own way.

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